hi! i'm jana. i'm in oklahoma city with my husband, ryan, & our two dogs (peggy - the sausage roll pit bull mix we adopted from the shelter in 2014 at 3 years old & hank - the forever puppy pit bull that we saved from a backyard breeder as a pup in 2013).

in 2009, within two years of marriage, we bought a 1937 tudor revival house right in the middle of the city (not the best part of town) at way too young of an age & no idea what we were doing. we still don't have any idea but we're finally trying to get it together & figure it out despite our limited incomes. after my office day job i'm working my ass off to make this house a place that we love for as long as we're here.

welcome to the lovely little shit that we call home.


& thank you to my beautiful friend, rachel, for these photos of us.