new site, same me

bluehost (my old hosting site) decided they were going to double my renewal price for hosting & seeing as i've had several issues with their servers in just a year, i said fuck you & left for the infamous podcast loving squarespace.

so look around, let me know if you see any issues & tell me what you think. it's a little frustrating that i wasted my time learning wordpress (which i honestly didn't find all that easy). oh well, that's life, right?

in house related news, our little piece of shit is about to get a major facelift & it's going to put us one HUGE step towards my resolution! our insurance approved A LOT of exterior repairs for our little home & they should be starting in the next 2 weeks! i can't wait to share the progress & i'm anxious to get started. being told that your house literally can't hold the weight it has on it had me a little uneasy to say the least & it's not something we could have afforded to fix on our own. so thank you to oklahoma & your storms & for the adjuster that agreed that you're at fault.

also, my leg is finally better. like almost-healed-still-tender-and-slightly-swollen-but-no-longer-a-hole-in-my-leg better. so that means i have to talk myself into home repairs again. it's been so long that i've almost forgotten that the hallway's current condition (1/4 primed) isn't intentional.