bedroom inspiration

i thought i'd take a break from scraping windows to stop in to share my inspiration for our bedroom. like most people, my style has changed significantly since my first apartment but it's been focused on the same styles pretty consistently the last several years. thank god the fleur-de-lis & audrey hepburn portrait phase didn't last long & that there's little, to no proof of this phase beyond my own nightmares. i started looking through my pinterest & realized that i might as well just re-pin the same spaces over & over again. the same reoccurring theme is in all of them: white walls, black accents, linen textiles, plants, wood floors, low furniture, natural light, neutral color palette. i skimmed over my bedroom folder & saved the ones that really jumped out at me & immediately began regretting our bed...

easy like sunday morning


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thanks to my windows, my arms are tired & my hands hurt when i close them but looking at these photos makes me remember why i'm doing it. i want the most important room in my house to also be the most comfortable. hopefully i can get our room put back together over the weekend so that i'll be one step closer to having the room i envision.

& if anyone wants to make any linen textile or plant donations, i am accepting. :)