house what do you do when you're a smart 19-year-old that's been married for barely a year with two perfect dogs? you buy a house. because that is the totally sensible thing to do. because you obviously know what you're doing. because what TEENAGER isn't equipped with the skills needed for that kind of responsibility?

me. i was not equipped. my 3-years-older-but-non-diy husband was not equipped. seven years later & we're still not equipped but we're trying... now. we totally failed at our early twenties in the responsibility department.

we bought our little "renovated" 1937 house with the best intentions. we were those horribly annoying people you see all over HGTV. you know the ones. they pull up to the house & immediately have that delusional love in their eyes that nobody else can see but them. (meanwhile, you're at home yelling at the tv about how big of idiots they are because HELLO! do you not see that roof?! that wood-rot?! don't even get me started on the visible gaps in the bricks!) they open the door, step inside & turn to look at each other with a big stupid smile & reassuring eyes that this is the one. they can feel it. such bullshit. and everyone in the world knows it except those two idiots that can't wait to make that "space" their own. ugh.

i can still drudge up feelings of hatred towards our realtor & long-time family friend for letting us go through with this if i think on it too long. whhhhhy did this happen?

the truth is, we let that first-time home-buyers credit from the government control our better judgement & we've been regretting it ever since.

i decided that this year i would quit being embarrassed of our little mistake, man the f up & get this shit under control. my first step? admitting my faults & wrongdoings when it comes to our house & start tackling them, one at a time.

so. welcome to our lovely little shit that we call home.