floorplan: i tried

AGH. is it public knowledge that trying to use free floor plan builders are incredibly hard & i just hadn't gotten the memo yet or am i just a complete idiot that can't use one? either way, i tried. four hours later i said fuck it & stopped where i was at. this is not to scale because i didn't want to measure my entire house because laziness wins. floorplan

  • we're working with 1263 square feet which i realize is considered small but we would actually be okay with smaller. we still manage to have so much unused space.
  • i do not have 3 matching rugs in the same horrible color/pattern.
  • the black box left of the stove in the kitchen is a brick column that was once a brick oven. i have no idea when it was enclosed & painted. i'm assuming it was painted because the brick didn't match after they enclosed it but i wish it wasn't so!
  • the empty squares in the hallway are built-in floor-to-ceiling cabinets which provide way more storage than we require. i've apparently never taken a picture of my hallway either.
  • we have not changed the layout of the house, nor do we ever plan on it. our inspector said that it appears that the seating area on the left was once closed off as either a 3rd bedroom or a screened in porch. i'm so wishing it was still a porch.
  • i know that it's weird to most people that we essentially have 2 living areas and no dining area. the seating area on the left was set up as a dining room when we saw the house & we used it in that way at some point too (more details on that in future post). when we started getting into a more minimal aesthetic & lifestyle, we realized that our dining room table was doing nothing for us so we got rid of it. there was nothing wrong with it but we didn't see the point in having a "dead spot" in our house. the only function it served was a drop spot for shit we were too lazy to put up. so far, i haven't even noticed that we no longer have one.
  • we also choose to not have a guest room. the second bedroom was one for a while but once again, we never used it so we gave the bed away. all of our loved ones live close & to be honest, i really hate having guests anyway. i am not a host by nature. i think i inherited that trait from my mother. i never remember having guests growing up except for the occasional babysitter (i.e. grandmother or aunt) if my parents were away. this room functions better for us as a place to put the dog crates & belongings behind a closed door. it is also the room where i keep all of my clothes & a vanity to get ready in the mornings.
  • there are 18 windows + a glass front door which is definitely my favorite thing about this house. i can bitch all day long about everything else but i LOVE my windows.
  •  i don't think i will ever figure out how to use the space between the two seating areas. it. is. awkward.

come back & i'll show you what it looked like when we fell in love or some shit. (it's actually not all bad but it's not good either.)