ikea dreaming

i've been hit with a pretty bad cold for the last week (& still going) so my house hasn't been touched which i think is killing me more than the cold is. i leave for dallas in the morning with my bestie (i can't believe i just said that) for a short trip to see our favorite musician, david ramirez, & do a little shopping. no trip to texas is complete without hitting a few places that oklahoma doesn't offer - ikea, urban outfitters, world market & hopefully in & out burger. side note: i once made my husband drive us 4 hours just to eat in & out burger because i had a ridiculous 2 week craving i couldn't shake. aka, i have a problem. anyway, all of the anticipation leading up to our trip has led to me spending a lot of time on ikea's website & i wanted to share a few things that have been catching my eye. some have been around for a long while, while others i hadn't seen before. i already have a few of these things on my list to look at.

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